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Assisted Buying

Our well-trained digital specialists provide 1-on-1 interaction with your customers at every step of their purchasing journey. With true human interaction and tailor-made customer guidance, we help you capture more leads and convert more sales!


  • Put the customers in the passenger’s seats and drive the entire purchasing journey for them

  • Engage with visiting customers at point of their need,

  • 24/7 Shape customers’ understanding of your offerings and opinions of your brand value 

  • Increase conversions by exploring customers’ needs and make the suitable recommendations

  • Generate more revenues from traffic and leads


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Landing Page

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We build and market Call-to-Action landing pages to capture shopping desires and create shopping impulse 

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Our landing pages will direct customers to

  • Make a purchase

  • Subscribe to a service

  • Renewal an order

  • Book an appointment

  • Track an order

  • Make a payment

  • Capture a lead

  • Initiate a free trial

Chat Trigger 

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We install various conditional chat triggers to capture attention and engage customers at the point of their needs

Triggers will also provide insights in understanding the needs of the customers by the page they are visiting and the time they spent on it. It enables us to provide more suitable and relevant recommendation

1- Page URL

  • Registration

  • Shopping cart

  • Checkout

  • Promotion page

2- New user vs. Existing users
3- Behavior on the site

  • When visit

  • Scroll X % of the page

  • X seconds after visit

  • Idling for X minutes

  • Visit the page for X times

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Real Human literation 

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Real human interaction with tailor-made guidance, our digital specialists drive the entire purchasing journey for your customers


Our digital specialists work 24/7 to communicate with your customers using text chat, voice call, video call, or two-way screen shares to

  • Create an account

  • Select / compare offerings

  • Make the payment at checkout

  • Get the sales reward

  • Track the sales status

  • Solve a problem in the purchase

Report and Analysis

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We track and analyze all activity data to generate insights of customers, thus optimize sales conversion for your business

Leverage analytics tools to track performance and identify best path to convert sales

  1. Sales funnel analysis

  • % of chats / traffic

  • % of order placed / chats

  • % of order fulfilled / order placed

  • % of order fulfilled / chats / traffic 

    2. Traffic

  • Page views

  • User sessions

    3. Chat

  • Chat volume

  • Chat duration

  • Response time

    4. Achievement

  • Subscriptions made

  • Orders placed

  • Sales achieved

  • Tickets opened

  • Problems solved

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