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Assisted Buying

Aprcot’s assisted-buying solution is all about achieving higher sales for you

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Chat Box

We install various conditional chat triggers to capture attention and engage customers at the point of their needs It enables us to provide more suitable and relevant recommendation.

We also have a well-trained digital specialists provide 1-on-1 interaction with your customers at every step of their purchasing journey. With true human interaction and tailor-made customer guidance, we help you capture more leads and convert more sales!

Report and Analysis

We track and analyze all activity data to generate insights of customers, thus optimize sales conversion for your business

Leverage analytics tools to track performance and identify best path to convert sales

Landing Page

We build and market Call-to-Action landing pages to capture shopping desires and help to complete the sales!

Our landing pages will direct your customers to

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Make a purchase

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Renewal an order

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Track an order

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Capture a lead

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Subscribe to a service

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Book an appointment

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Make a payment

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Initiate a free trial

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